AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1122.0.15

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • On all pages:
    • ?‘ or ‘F1‘ to see list of all keyboard shortcuts; ‘?‘, ‘ F1‘, or ‘esc‘ to hide
    • l‘ or ‘f‘ to like (or favourite) an article
    • g+n‘ to go to notes/highlights page
    • x‘ to select/unselect an article in a list for bulk editing
    • esc‘ in search form returns keyboard control to the page
    • esc‘ closes active popovers
  • On article reading page:
    • o‘ to open article on original website
    • v + l/s/g/d‘ to switch theme to light, sepia, grey, or dark, respectively
    • g + h/l/a/v/n‘ to go to home, liked, archived, videos, or notes/highlights lists, respectively
  • On notes & highlights list page
    • Improved presentation of highlights – added leading quote, and changed font size to differentiate.
    • Added shortcuts:
      • up/down/j/k‘ to traverse list,
      • enter‘ to read,
      • o‘ to open original,
      • v+l/s/g/d‘ to change theme,
      • /‘ to search, and
      • g + h/a/l/v/b/1..9‘ to go to folder
  • On search results page:
    • up/down/k/j‘ to traverse up/down the search results list
    • enter‘ to read selected article
    • o‘ to open article on original website
  • Bug Fix: ‘up/k‘ wasn’t working without a previously selected article